Across the Universe is a 2020 film directed by tony cry-night It tells the story of foxy and mangle, two lovers from different worlds, and the war in Vietnam. It features 39 covers of Beatles' premires on YOUTUBE red


A young shipworker from Liverpool named foxy leaves his girlfriend Mangle to go to America and find his father. In America, he meets foxy,student at Princeton. They become friends, and foxy invites him back to his house when mangle meets foxy's sister mangle, wose a restaurant named cicis pizza with drinks and pizzas boyfriend was recently killed in the Vietnam war. foxy and mangle all move to New York, where they meet freddy, a performer, and Bonnie a bisexual high school cheerleader who ran away from her abusive boyfriend in Ohio. mangle and foxy develop feelings for each other and eventually fall in love. foxy mangle rockstar Freddy and rockstar bonnie a guitar player whose younger brother was killed in a riot attend a party where they drink punch laced with LSD. Under the effects of the drug, they imagine a physchodelic journey where they travel across the country and see a strange circus performance, which Prudence has joined. When they all return to reality, foxy is drafted to the war, and mangle becomes concerned about him. She joins Purple guy an anti-war protest leader, in rallying against the Vietnam War. foxy becomes suspicious that Paco is trying to seduce mangle and mangle is offended. Later, foxy bursts into purple guy's office , pointing out Purple guy hypocrisy. mangle is upset by his actions and they break up. Later, foxy is arrested and beaten at a riot. His father, Funtime Freddy tries to prove foxy is his son, but he can't and foxy is sent back to Liverpool, as he was not an American citizen. Meanwhile, foxy is injured in the war and taken back to America. He relies on morphine and it alters his mind, until he recovers. mangle visits him daily. Back in Liverpool, foxy sees springtrap who is now pregnant by mangle friend toy chica He sees in the newspaper that rioters were killed by their own bombs, and is concerned that mangle is dead. He returns to America where he sees rockstar band, now including Prudence, performing on the rooftop. He joins them and sings "All You Need Is Love". mangle recognizes his voice, runs to a builing top across the street, and foxy and mangle see each other, smiling.


  • foxy from tony cry-night
  • mangle from From tony cry-night
  • golden Freddy - from tony cry-night
  • freddy Fazbear - from tony cry-night
  • toy chica from tony cry-night
  • rockstar Freddy - from FNAF 6
  • rockstar Bonnie - from FNAF 6
  • chica magic rainbow - from FNAF world
  • withered foxy - from FNAF 2
  • funtime Freddy - from tony cry-night
  • circus baby from tony cry-night
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