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Jude Feeny
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Hometown Liverpool, England
Friends Max
Enemies Paco
Relationships Molly (Ex-girlfriend)
Lucy (girlfriend)
Family Martha Feeny (mother)
Wes Hubert (father)
Skills Singing
Portrayer Jim Sturgess

Jude Feeny is a young shipyard worker from Liverpool, England who comes to America, meets Max, moves to New York, and falls in love with Lucy.




Jude in Liverpool

Jude works on ships in Liverpool and lives with his mother Martha. He decides to head to America to search for his father much to the dismay of his girlfriend Molly.


Princeton, New Jersey[]

Jude singing "I've Just Seen a Face".

Jude hitchhikes and arrives at Princeton University, where he meets his father Wes Huber. They converse, but Wes does not promise him a relationship or place to stay. Jude leaves and befriends Max, a student at Princeton. They sing "With a Little Help From My Friends" and then Max invites Jude over for Thanksgiving dinner. Jude meets Lucy and they all go bowling. Max then decides to leave for New York, and brings Jude.

New York City, New York[]

Max and Jude are able to stay at Sadie's appartment, with Max paying rent. When Lucy comes up to join them, Jude and Lucy start to develop feelings for each other. They discuss Daniel's death and eventually fall in love. But when Max goes to war and Lucy starts to join Paco in rallying against the war, Jude's mind is more on his artwork. They argue, and later, Jude rudely bursts into Paco's office and sings "Revolution". Later, at the anti-war protest, Jude is beaten and arrested and sent back to England, where he finds Molly is now pregnant. After Max appears to him singing "Hey Jude", he returns to New York and joins in Sadie's rooftop concert. Lucy recognizes his voice when he sings "All You Need is Love" and they see each other from the tops of the buildings.

Lucy and Jude when they see each other again.


Jude can have a rather sarcastic personality. He is also amusing and friendly, but quieter than his good friend Max. He is more relaxed and less concered about the war than Lucy, which is what ultimately causes their split. He believes "it's gonna be alright", words which he conveys in "Revolution" and later comfort Lucy. Jude is usually a polite and pleasant person and can also be caring, as he is shown giving Prudence a towel when she comes in from the bathroom window, and trying to help Lucy during the riot.



Molly, Jude's Liverpool girlfriend.

Molly was Jude's girlfriend before he came to America. Despite how he seemed to treat her well, Molly was often suspicious of Jude, and jokingly called him a bastard. When Jude returns to Liverpool, Molly is pregnant by Jude's friend Phil Scully.

Lucy critiquing Jude's drawing of her.


Jude meets Lucy through Max. He starts to develop feelings for her when he, Lucy, and Max are bowling. Later in New York, they fall in love. They have a dispute over war, and later Jude has to move back to Liverpool. When he returns, they see each other again. It is believed that they continued their romance and love for one another.


Main article: Max-Jude Relationship''

Jude first meets Max when he is searching for his father. They get to know each other and sing "With a Little Help from My Friends". Max invites Jude back to his house for Thanksgiving and then they move to New York together. They remain good friends throughout the movie and Max is very excited when Jude returns from England.


Jude is the first to notice Prudence when she comes in from the bathroom window. He gives her a towel and he, Max, and Sadie allow her to stay with them. When Prudence is hiding in the closet, Jude (with Lucy, Sadie and Max) sings ' Dear Prudence ' to her and they attend the street march. Later, when Jude returns to America, Prudence greets him.



Group or Duet Numbers[]


"My god, you... you have perfect teeth!"

—Jude to Lucy

Lucy: "We're in the middle of a revolution Jude. And what are you doing? Doodles and cartoons?"
Jude: "Well I'm sorry I'm not the man with the megaphone, but this is what I do."

—Jude and Lucy

Lucy: "I would lay in front of a tank if it would bring Max back and end this war."
Jude: "Yeah? Well it wouldn't."

—Jude and Lucy

[Singing] "Don't you know it's gonna be alright!"

—Jude during 'Revolution'

"A shagger... a Dong Juan. A seducer of young, vulnerable women."

—Jude on Paco

"I don't have [a cause]. That's the problem."


Max: "Where's that accent from?"
Jude: "Same place as me: Liverpool."

—Jude and Lucy

[Singing] "But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao. You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow"

—Jude during 'Revolution'


  • His name comes from the song ' Hey Jude ', which is featured in the film.
  • Although his last name isn't confirmed in the movie, his mother's last name is Feeny and his father's last name is Huber.
  • Jude is the creater of the Across the Universe logo, the strawberry.
  • Jude sings the most songs in the film (6).
  • he is loosely based off of John Lennon