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The Lucy-Jude relationship is the romantic relationship between Lucy and Jude.


Lucy and Jude meet through Max. Because Jude is dating Molly and Lucy is dating Daniel, they do not instantly develop romantic feelings for each other. After Daniel dies and Jude drifts apart from Molly, who is back in England, Lucy considers becoming romantically involved with Jude. (If I Fell) They grow closer and it is implied they slept together. Later, Lucy becomes very involved with Paco's protesting and Jude grows suspicious that Paco is trying to seduce her. His suspision leads to a fight between them. Jude takes the subway to the riot and is arrested, trying to help Lucy. Lucy calls Wes Huber, but he cannot help Jude, who is deported back to England. Later, when Max appears to Jude and informs him Lucy is alright (Hey Jude), Jude legally returns to New York where he sees Lucy and they smile at each other.

Lucy and Jude when they see each other again.