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Lucy Carrigan
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Hair color = honey glazed blonde

Eye color Rojos
Hometown con la temporera
Friends Sadie, Prudence, JoJo
Relationships Daniel (ex-boyfriend) Jude (boyfriend)
Family Max Carrigan (brother)
Skills her singing voice vibratio
Portrayer Evan Rachel Wood

Lucy Carrigan is the sister of Max. She moves to New York and falls in love with Jude. Lucy is portrayed by Evan Rachel Wood.


Princeton, New Jersey[]

Lucy Carrigan is a high school girl whose boyfriend, Daniel, went to fight in the Vietnam war. Lucy receives a letter from Daniel saying that he would come back home for a while, but Daniel ends up being killed in the war. In the film's Let it Be sequence, this tragic death is juxtaposed against other tragic deaths including the 1967 Detroit riots, in which the young brother of supporting character Jo-Jo is also killed.

Lucy singing "It Won't Be Long".

New York City, New York[]

Lucy joins Max and Jude in New York and starts to develop feelings for Jude. They grow closer and fall in love. Lucy starts working with a man named Paco, protesting against the war. Jude suspects that Paco is trying to seduce Lucy, which leads to a fight between them. Later, at a riot, Jude is arrested and deported back to England. Jude hears that anti-war protesters were killed in a bombing. Upon hearing this news, Jude thinks that Lucy is dead but later learns from Max that she is alive, and returns to New York legally. When he returns, Lucy sees him singing on the rooftop. 

Lucy singing Blackbird.


Lucy is a very strong, smart, and independent young woman. She is seen early in the movie telling her friend that she plans on never having children, calling it "pure narcissism". She is also very determined and fights for what she believes in, like the anti-war movement. Lucy loves her brother Max very much and is worried about him when he heads off to war.



Daniel is Lucy's high school boyfriend. When he goes away to war, she writes him letters daily, until he is killed in combat. She is devastated by this news and attends his funeral, but later moves on and falls in love with a Jude

Lucy and Daniel dancing at Prom.


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When Jude moves in with Max, he gets to know Lucy and starts to develop feelings for her. They fall in love, but later, Jude is suspicious of Paco and Lucy, and he gets into a fight with her. After Jude is arrested at the riot, Lucy calls his father, but Jude is forced to return to England. When he returns to America, Lucy spots him singing All You Need is Love and they recognize each other. It's said that afterwards they continue their love for each other.

Lucy and Jude.


"[Thanksgiving] celebrates the time when Native Americans shared their food with the earliest settlers. And how do we repay them? We slaughter them in thousands and ship them off to the s**ttiest bits of real estate."

—Lucy to Jude

"You know me, I don't even smoke. The big, bad city isn't gonna get me."

—Lucy to her mother

"We're in the middle of a revolution, and what are you doing? Doodles and cartoons!"

—Lucy to Jude

"I would lay down in front of a tank, if it would end this war and bring Max home."