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Max Carrigan
Max across the universe.jpg
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Hometown Princeton, New Jersey
Friends Jude
Family Lucy (sister)
Teddy (uncle)
Portrayer Joe Anderson

Maxwell "Max" Carrigan is a young Princeton student living in America, who befriends Jude. He is the brother of Lucy. He gets drafted and goes to war.



Princeton, New Jersey[]

Max is a student at Princeton University, however, he dropped two courses and did not take school very

With a Little Help From My Friends.png

seriously. He meets Jude while Jude is searching for his father, and they sing "With a Little Help From My Friends". Later, Max picks up Lucy from school and they drive to their family's house for Thanksgiving. Max, his father, and his uncle Teddy get into a fight about "who Max is" and what he plans for his future. He decides to drop out of college and move to New York with Jude.

New York City, New York[]


Max and Jude move in with Sadie in Greenwich Village, with Max paying the rent. Lucy comes up to join them in New York, and falls in love with Jude. While in New York, Max gets a job as a taxi driver, which can be noticed if you pay close attention. Later, Max is drafted to the war. He tries to think of ways to avoid going, but realizes there are none and shows up to the military office, where he is tested and accepted to go to war. Lucy is worried about him, but Max goes to Vietnam and fights until he is seriously wounded. He is taken home and is hospitalized and relying on morphine, making him delirious. He later recovers and when Jude is concerned that Lucy has been killed, appears to him and informs him she is alive. Jude comes

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back to America and Max greets his friend and takes him to Sadie's rooftop concert.


Max is very loud, outgoing, and friendly. He has a habit of making friends and others laugh. He is also described by Lucy (somewhat jokingly) as "such a pervert"; he is very interested in girls, "great music, great, 'dope' [and] orgies." Max is very caring towards his friends and family and he always tries to make others happy.



Lucy is Max's sister. They are very close and often tease each other. When Max has to go to war, Lucy is very worried about him, but Max assures her he will be okay. Lucy also takes care of and visits Max when he is in the hospital.


Jude and Max together at Sadie's apartment.

Max and Jude meet when Jude is looking for his father. They get to know each other, and Jude joins Max friends in going to a bar, hitting golf balls, and messing around. Max invites him back for Thanksgiving, and then they both move to New York. They remain very good friends throught the movie, and Max is very excited to see Jude when he returns from England.


Sadie is another friend of Max. She rents out a room in her apartment to Max and Jude, and Max and Sadie become close friends. She is seen later kissing him on the cheek.


Max and Prudence grow to be close friends. They are shown greeting each other at the rooftop concert, and Max is excited to see Prudence at Mr. Kite's circus.

Prudence makes a remark to Lucy about sleeping with Max, but it is possible she was joking.



Solos (In a Group or Duet Number)[]


"Well, uh, Jude, as a stranger to our shores, the least I can do is offer you some Ivy League hospitatilty." [Tosses Jude a flask]

—Max to Jude after meeting him

Jude: "What are you going to do if you don't go back to college?"
Max: "What any irresponsible, unmotivated, drop-out would do. Go to New York, like tonight."

—Max and Jude

"When did Emily get tits?"

—Max to Lucy

Max: You're up before two and looking wicked cool. Who's it for?
Sadie: I have a meeting.
Max: [southern accent] "Why, is that prayer a meeting?"
Sadie: "Yeah, for your twisted soul."
[Sadie kisses Max's cheek]
Sadie: "Put my shirt away when you're done."
Max: "Yes ma'am."

—Max and Sadie

[singing] "Happiness is a warm gun!"