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Hair color Black/Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Hometown Dayton, Ohio
Friends Max
Relationships Unnamed cheerleader (crush)
Sadie (crush)
Rita (friend/girlfriend)
Max (possible one night stand)
Skills Singing
Playing piano
Portrayer T.V. Carpio

Prudence is a bisexual teenager from Ohio. She joins Jude, Max, Sadie, Lucy, and Jojo in New York. She was a cheerleader at her high school and had a crush on another female cheerleader. She hitch hiked to New York and had an abusive boyfriend while living across the street from Jude, Max, and Sadie. She moved in with them and developed feelings for Sadie, who did not return them, so she became depressed and eventually ran away to join Mr. Kite's circus, where she met Rita, a contortionist. Later, she returned and joined Sadie's band.


Dayton, Ohio[]

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Prudence was a high school cheerleader who had a crush on a fellow female cheerleader. She sang about her feelings for her in "I Want to Hold Your Hand. She had an abusive boyfriend while living across the street from Sadie's apartment.

New York City, New York[]

Prudence climbed in through Sadie's apartment's bathroom window in the rain, and Jude gave her a towel and Sadie allowed her to stay. Later, Prudence started to develop feelings for Sadie, but she knew Sadie did not return them and became depressed, hiding in the closet and refusing


to come out. Sadie began singing "Dear Prudence" to coax her out, but had to leave. Max, Jude, and Lucy eventually convince her to come out and see the street protest led by Paco. Prudence later runs away to be in Mr. Kite's circus and met Rita. She returns with her friends and is later seen performing in Sadie's band at the rooptop concert when Jude returns from England.



Solos (In a Group or Duet Number)[]


  • Her name is a reference to the song Dear Prudence, which during the film is sung to her by the others.
  • Her coming through the bathroom window into Sadie's apartment was a reference to The Beatles song She Came In Through the Bathroom Window.


[Singing] "Oh, please, say to me, you'll let me be your man."

—Prudence about fellow cheerleader

[on how Max can avoid the draft] "Say you're a pedophile - say you want to go into the villages and you want to rape and pillage all the little girls that look like me!"