Across the Universe Movie Wiki
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Brown
Hometown New York City, New York
Friends Max
Enemies Jojo (temporarily)
Relationships Jojo (Boyfriend/Ex-boyfriend)
Portrayer Dana Fuchs

Sadie and JoJo singing

Sadie is a woman living in New York City, who rents out her apartment to Max and Jude. She is played by Dana Fuchs.


New York City, New York[]

She is a singer in the band, Sadie and the Po Boys, which Jojo later joins. Max and Jude, who are looking for a place to stay, see her ad in a newspaper and move in with her, with Max paying rent. Sadie is looking for a guitarist her band, and the wandering Jojo auditions and joins the band. Sadie and Jojo develop feelings for each other and form a romantic relationship, but a wedge is driven between them when Sadie decides to sign to a label without the rest of her band. In response, Jojo sabotages her concert and she storms off. Jojo is replaced in her band, but Sadie is not happy with the replacement. Later, her band comes back together and Sadie and Jojo make up.


Sadie is similar to a mother/aunt figure to Max, Prudence, and Jude, being very caring towards them. She can also be somewhat of a diva when it comes to her performances.



Solos (In a Group or Duet Number)[]


  • Her name is a reference to The Beatles song, Sexy Sadie.
  • Her Character is loosely inspired by Janis Joplin.


"You look kind of clean cut. Then again, you could have murdered your granny with a hammer."

—Sadie to Max and Jude

Jude: "Are you famous, Sadie?"
Sadie: "Not yet."

Jude and Sadie

"Come out, sweet pea. We all love you!"

—Sadie to Prudence

Sadie: "You got a good memory for faces?"
Max: "Yeah, I think so. Why?"
Sadie: "There's no mirror in your bathroom."

—Sadie and Max

"Give me someone who can play guitar man! This new guy's got no soul and no stank!"