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Hey y'all, I have ONE THING in ATU that I'm a little fuzzy on. When Lucy comes to New York, she goes to Sadie's concert and talks to Prudence. They have this conversation (yes I memorized it!):

Prudence: "Isn't [Sadie] fantastic!? She's my landlady!"

Lucy: "So you live with my brother too?"

Prudence: "Yeah, him and Jude took me in. I don't sleep with [INAUDIBLE] anymore though!"

So the [INAUDIBLE] is either "them" (Max AND Jude), "him", or "men". My subtitles say "them", but they have been wrong many times before, and sources say "him". I'm going with "him", cause that's what I heard.

So did Prudence sleep with Max? How old is she? Does that make her bisexual?

What do y'all think?